Joystiq Previews Midnight Star (Spoiler: They Really Like It)


Midnight Star, the mobile FPS video game I helped create (along with an accompanying graphic novel that I wrote), is thiiiiiiiiiiiis close to release, and Jessica Condit of Joystiq got her hands on it and did a little play testing. Her thoughts?

“Midnight Star is a mobile FPS that works (no, really)” (that’s the article headline)

Midnight Star is a good mobile shooter.”

“It’s hard to believe some of this stuff is on an iPad.”

“If the entire game supports the mechanically manic, silky smooth sci-fi experience I felt during the demo, I’d say that by golly, they’ve done it.”

Oh, and this nice tip of the hat to Midnight Rises, the graphic novel:

“It’s a joy to read.”

Sweet. The whole article is here.

Have I mentioned how proud I am of this game, and of the people who I’m working on it with…

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