Woman Crush Wednesday- Phoebe Bridgers (iPhone 5s Commercial) #WCW


Written by: Ryan Fu @fu_beatz

If you have no idea who she is then just watch this iPhone commercial.

That’s right she was that cute blonde singing a cover of Gigantic from the legendary band the Pixies.


Phoebe Bridgers is American-Indie Folk singer, who I believe totally made that iPhone commerical because of her cuteness and her beautiful voice. Every time that commercial comes on the television, I eagerly wait in anticipation for her part because she is so adorable. I think the people at Apple knew what they were doing because they brought my two loves together the Pixies and cute blondes. 


After watching that commercial over and over again. I had to figure out who is that amazing girl, which was Phoebe. I found out shortly that not only is she beautiful, she is also a talented musician. She has an album out called Killerswhich you can listen…

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