Double Chocolate Cookies

The Pink Rose Bakery

Double Chocolate Cookies 4 - The Pink Rose Bakery

If any of you are anything like me, then you have more than one version of yourself. I’m not talking about a Jekyll and Hyde thing, it’s more of a ‘how I present myself in public’ thing.

You see, there is the ‘normal’ me (aka work-mode me / socialising me): this is where I make an effort. I put on make-up and think about what I am going to wear. I will attempt to do something with my hair that doesn’t involve pulling it hastily into an extremely messy bun (I’m not talking about the deliberately messy bun, which is something altogether different and is done with purpose).

Then there is the ‘off-duty’ me: this is where I apply minimal make-up (just a little concealer where needed so I don’t scare people, should I come across any) and put on comfy, casual clothing. It is a step above not making…

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