Parents who shouldn’t be parents

Ah dad...

Every blogger has written at least one of them. A post where you’re actually igniting a fuse to a stack of 100 ton TNT.  Like this one.  And instead of trying to put out the spark, I’m just gonna sit and prepare myself for the aftermath of this explosion.  Waiting for the proverbial um… manure to hit the proverbial um… fan.

For there are just some people who are not meant to be parents.  And it’s time someone told them.  And it excludes the obvious ones like serial killers, paedophiles, rapists and other degenerates of our society.

Having kids is the wake-up call of understanding that you’re never going to be a perfect parent, for Mary Poppins is just a fictional character. Perfect Parents does not exist, so please stop trying to become one.  It doesn’t matter how many Oprah episodes you watch or self-help-parenting books you read.  Face the facts.  You’re going to botch it up one way or the…

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