May The Force Be With You, Runner Boy!

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

star-wars-4th I was two miles into my morning run, Modern Philosophers, when my body gave out, and I collapsed in a heap on Eastern Avenue.  My lungs were burning, there was a pain in my side, and my legs felt so heavy that I swore they were made of lead.

As I remained sprawled out on the sidewalk, the light rain became a steady downpour.  Apparently, the triumphant Return of the Runner was going to end sadly and pathetically in a cold Maine rain.

“Get up and finish your run, Austin,” came an unfamiliar voice from behind me.

Ben_KenobiI slowly turned to see who was out in the rain witnessing this embarrassing spectacle.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Were they failing me just as my legs and lungs had?

“Use the Force, Austin,” Ben Kenobi suggested in a soothing voice.

“Ben Kenobi, is that really you?” I asked the shimmering ghost…

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