Cloudy with a chance of showers

Mae's Day

clouds 2 Clouds by Olaf Breuning

Cloudy with a chance of showers.  That’s what we used to call Chloe at the age of 2.  Cozy in her stroller, she always seemed to be pouting and on the verge of tears.  She’s the ripe old age of seven now and her nature remains the same.  Even when I hand her a present she always gives me a sour looking pout.  An hour after discovering the box or bag was filled with Barbie dresses or dolls, she smiles.  It doesn’t come easily and is hard-won as far as I’m concerned.   I wish I could tell her to embrace the fun in life.  That it really is so much easier when you do.  I doubt my words of wisdom would make much of a difference.   Lightness of being really just isn’t in her nature.

At the south end of Central Park there is…

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