Who Do YOU Stand For? I Stand For the Animals.

Dogpaddling Through Life

You may not know this, but my paying gig is Child Protective Investigator . When someone calls in a report to the Child Abuse Hotline, I’m the one that goes out to check on the child(ren) to see if they’re safe. You may see me at your door any hour of the day or night, including weekends and holidays. If I know ahead of time there may be trouble, I’ll bring a law enforcement officer with me, but most likely I’ll be alone. Unarmed. Making my way into your house to see just what’s going on.

ChildAbusePrison.001 And we all know how rarely THAT happens.

When it’s determined that a child is unsafe, I’m the one that loads them up in my car and takes them to a place that IS safe.

One thing I’ve noticed in cases where removal was necessary was the parent(s) knew in the back of their mind…

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