Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

Sometime during the last cold snap of the endless winter of  2013 – 2014, the windshield in our PT Cruiser cracked. Nothing specific happened. It just cracked. It was right before I was supposed to go into the hospital and it was not a crack that made using the car impossible, so it would have to wait until later … whenever that turned out to be.


This morning, later arrived. My son made all the arrangements. About an hour ago, he got a call from Tim, the glass guy.

“This car doesn’t have a cracked windshield,” Tim said.

“I’m sure it doesn’t,” Owen replied. “Because our car is here in the driveway. I’m leaning on it. What color is the car you took?”

“Maroon,” said Tim.

“You took my neighbor’s car,” Owen said.

There was some back and forth as Tim ascertained that Owen wasn’t just screwing around, that he really

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