Mushroom and Blue Cheese Tart

The Pink Rose Bakery

Mushroom & Blue Cheese Tart 5 - The Pink Rose Bakery Now that Easter is over and April is coming to a close, I figured it was time I turned my attention to this month’s Cheese, Please! Challenge.

Ordinarily the topic of this month’s challenge would cause me to disregard it immediately.


Because this month we were asked to do something with blue cheese.

Not my favourite.

However, following the epiphany I have had regarding avocados and the fact that my brain tried to trick me and get me to pick something off a menu with Stilton in it, I thought maybe it was time I faced my blue cheese fears.

Prior to this challenge I have only had two memorable encounters with blue cheese – one pleasant and one not so pleasant. The pleasant one was a broccoli and Stilton soup. It was nice. It was so nice that I wondered if I had blue cheese all wrong…

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