The Spartan Diet

Callum B. Downes


I’ve put together a quick guide to the food and beverage choices within my “Spartan Diet”, along with my typical daily meal plan and a few healthy recipes. Hopefully this will inspire you to make healthy choices next time you’re at the supermarket.

Next week’s posts will be all about how to stick by your diet through thick and thin, so to speak…

The Design

The Spartan Diet is based on four simple concepts

  1. High protein intake: If you want that warrior physique you’ll need to the proteins to rebuild those muscle fibres after a big session in the gym.
  1. High vitamin & mineral intake: Make the most of that protein and unlock endless amounts of energy with fruit and veggies.
  1. Low carbohydrate intake: Unnecessary carbs will be stored as fat if not utilised during physical activity. Complex carbs like brown rice, whole grains and muesli are okay in small…

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