How Frozen Should Have Ended


I always love a good Iceman joke.

Though personally, I would have ended Frozen way differently. I liked the movie, sure, but what really bugged me was the romance angle. Obviously, that rich duke guy was evil; we knew it from the very first moment he appeared on screen. But for a little while, I kind of hoped he was going to be legit. His evil turn kind of comes out of nowhere. I thought for sure that Anna would end up with the rich duke and that the lumpy lumberjack guy would end up with Elsa.

But the moment the lumpy lumberjack started racing back to town with Anna, determined to get her to her ‘one true love’, the rest of the film was pretty obvious and painfully predictable. Alas, poor Frozen.

Also, what was up with the trailers having no idea what the movie was about?

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