Friends in Low (and High) Places

The Snail on the Wall


Fresh from a weekend gathering with a large group of college girlfriends, I’ve got friendship on my mind. The reunion was made up of friends I hadn’t seen in 22 years, others I last visited with over a decade ago at a previous reunion, and a handful that I run into regularly in my hometown. No matter how much or how little contact we’ve had over the past 20 years, we immediately fell right into the old patterns and bonds we once enjoyed in college. We hadn’t been merely friends during our undergrad years; we were roommates sharing space in one big house.

This weekend, we visited our old residence together and relived old times. We toured the communal bathrooms where we considerately yelled “water” to warn showerers of the cold blast that was coming. We reminisced about wearing each other’s clothes and hoping, I guess, that no one else would notice the same shirts surfacing night after night. We listed off the meals we…

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