Early Theme Adopters: Sorbet

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In the few weeks since its arrival, Sorbet has already become a favorite among personal bloggers (and many others). Its upbeat, straightforward design shrewdly blends simplicity with a full array of great features.

Sorbet offers sharing buttons and widget areas discreetly tucked into the header, splashy featured images, and beautiful, colorful icons for sticky posts and different post formats. Like all our newest themes, it looks great on devices and screens of all sizes, thanks to its responsive design.

Here’s a selection of  bloggers who are already putting Sorbet to great use.

Alicia Tastes Life

Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 11.49.52 AM

Alicia, who uses her aptly named blog to chronicle her adventures in food and travel, embraced Sorbet‘s colorful palette. The theme’s vibrancy fits perfectly with her photos and other content. She makes great use of post formats (like the photo format in the screenshot above), as well as of the header, where she’s added social…

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